The Wait Is Still on for the 2019 Compliance Supplement

Jerry Ashworth
May 1, 2019 at 10:44:35 ET
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Ok, so we wondered if we’d get a chance to get this in. Now that it’s May, we felt like it was the perfect time.

If you have been a follower of our blog over the year, you’ve noticed that we consistently track the progress of the OMB Compliance Supplement. Many years ago, after the supplement was not released by the date mentioned earlier by officials with the Office of Management and Budget, we began running blog posts featuring snails to highlight the slow pace surrounding the release of the supplement. Finally, upon its issuance, we featured another blog post with fireworks.

As we enter May, we thought we’d now bring back our snail friend. Last year’s “skinny” version of the OMB Compliance Supplement was issued in May 2018, which was a bit earlier in the year than the supplement generally comes out, which historically has occurred during the summer. This was expected since year’s supplement was a greatly condensed version compared to the volume’s typical size of more than 1,000 pages. OMB officials said last year that they would release a smaller supplement in 2018 so that they could put more energy into the 2019 version, aiming to focus more on performance and reducing burdens. 

That leads us to today. It is now May 1 and OMB has had almost a year to work on the 2019 version. At the recent National Grants Management Association’s annual grants training, OMB’s Rhea Hubbard let attendees know that the 2019 Compliance Supplement would be available “very soon.” Although it’s only been a week after she made this announcement, we’re still waiting for the document’s release.

Hopefully we’ll get word from OMB soon that the 2019 supplement is available, and when we do hear something, we’ll let the grants community know (and yes, we’ll include the fireworks). Until then, we’ll continue to wait for this very important document.

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