Plans To Add New Features

Jerry Ashworth
March 13, 2019 at 07:23:39 ET
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By this time next week, expect to see some new features at Website administrators are preparing to launch another update to the site (Release 17.0) on March 18.

According to the Community Blog, the site will provide some system enhancements “focused on bringing more convenience to the applicant experience.” Although the these are not overly dramatic changes to the ability of nonfederal entities to find and apply for federal awards, the updates can make the overall process easier.

First, will enable users to add their mobile number to their accounts when registering to enable them to easier reset their password if it is forgotten. also will enable each applicant to view the privileges associated with their account profiles. “This added convenience will take the guesswork out of trying to determine what privileges one has been assigned,” stated in the blog post. To view the privileges associated with a specific profile, users will go to the “My Account” page and click on the “Management Profiles” tab. Under the action column, a “View Privileges” link will pop up with a list of privileges for each profile associated with an organization.

Other updates to the site include the ability for applicants to:

  • sort through a list of their workspaces by closing date;
  • receive grantor notifications — if subscribed to a funding opportunity announcement and the grantor agency participates — when changes are made to related documents and/or links in the announcement; and
  • filter workspace activity column data by keyword. also noted that some users have had difficulty identifying when the site is displaying a forecasted opportunity, compared to a regular funding opportunity announcement. Therefore, it is making changes this month so that forecasted opportunities stand out more clearly by including a notice that reads, “NOTE: This is a forecasted opportunity.” In addition, some forecast field titles will be renamed.

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